Jo Gorner

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sward 1

Sward 1
Etching 2016
97 x 27 cm

My work explores the nature of engaging with a familiar landscape, the relational dynamic between self and place, and the understanding of place through a direct intervention with the land surface.

I consider how places can become redefined over time. The landscape I encounter is one which I walk every day, the revisited, embodied, landscape. By repeatedly travelling through the familiar place new elements are seen, memories summoned and the changing nature of self in relation to a fixed place explored. The physical act of passing through a landscape brings it into being.

Alongside this geographical focus, the work considers the physical landscape I encounter and how a direct interaction with the land surface sits alongside my print practice. The physical process of working with wood and metal reflect a tactile interaction with the landscape. The walking, clearing, scraping and seeding are all elements in this process towards my encounter with print.

My practice considers if the immersive landscape encounter can enhance a relationship of responsibility with an environment. In translating my embodied response to a landscape I consider the therapeutic impact on myself and the viewer.